QZ Fasteners

QZ Fasteners, GebuVolco has been providing a wide and versatile range of professional quality products on the market for many years. All QZ products have been of the same renowned suppliers for many years and are used in many market areas such as construction, industry and installation. Through various channels, QZ products find their way into the market, both in the Netherlands and in many other European countries. Starting in early 2014, all QZ products from Asia will only be supplied with chromium-free zinc treatment because within a few years the chrome-6 zinc will no longer be used.


Box concept

Recently, the box concept in which all QZ articles are packaged are adapted to the current requirements and uses. In addition, presentation in the store was prioritized by clear and clear labels. For example, a sturdy cardboard package has been chosen in 9 modular box sizes. The boxes are in 2 widths (60 and 90 mm), 3 heights (60, 75 and 90 mm) and various lengths (increasing from 80 to 300 mm). All QZ screws are delivered in a box with a flap valve and the tension sleeves are packed in a number of 90-mm boxes with a top closure. The small packages usually contain 200 pieces, but with the longer and thicker sizes it can be 100, 50 or even 25. These are delivered in excess of 6, 8, 10, 20 and 30 pieces depending on the popularity and / or the maximum total weight of 15 kg. As a result, the packages meet the applicable Occupational Safety and Health Code.


All QZ chipboard screws and fastening screws have a CE marking, including the stainless steel series, according EN 14592 and EN 14566. In our most recent DoP / Performance Statements you can find all the information that applies to the relevant products. The government authorities monitor and guard all CE markings prescribed by the European Union.